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Food Media Studies

ICE's School of Professional Development offers a wide range of classes and speakers that reflect the role and evolution of media in our industry, allowing you to hone food-centric communication and marketing skills at all levels of expertise. From social media, blogging and PR to recipe writing and cookbook editing, our expert instructors can help you master the art of food-related communications.

Upcoming Classes

Social Media in the Culinary Realm

Lori Greene
Tuesday, January 23, 6:30-9pm
$100 • 1 session

Social Media—you've dabbled, tweeted, been crowned mayor, and even found your high school sweetheart, but you can't quite figure out how to use social outlets to increase your culinary business. In this "social media for grown-ups" class, digital media expert Lori Greene will teach you how to build your brand. Using the three Cs of social success—content, consistency, and communication—you will soon see a return on your engagement while growing your fan base. During the class, we will cover how to:

• Create engaging content for each medium
• The six dimensions of social engagement
• Communicate successfully with your audience
• Stay ahead of your competition using social media
• Create digital buzz
• Reward your loyal audience
• Learn from your fan base
• Target customers
• Develop the buying journey
• Increase traffic to your establishment

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How to Develop Recipes for Publication

Marge Perry
Mondays, January 29 & February 5, 6-10pm
$325 • 2 sessions

Whether you want to write a cookbook or articles for magazines, a blog, or websites, you need to know the essential skills and techniques it takes to create recipes that not only taste great when you make them, but can be successfully recreated by readers. Along with prolific cookbook author and food writer Marge Perry, you’ll learn how to create recipes that appeal to readers; what to do in the kitchen to ensure your recipes work for everyone; and how to write recipes that are accurate, clear, and easy to read. In this two-day workshop, we’ll go over the conventions and craft of recipe writing, actually develop a recipe in the kitchen, and practice writing recipes. You’ll come away with a solid and market-ready knowledge of how to create recipes that are ready to be published.

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Start Your Own Food Blog

Brooke Parkhurst
Monday, January 29, 6:30-8:30pm
$100 • 1 session

Conceptualize, develop, and run your own food blog! In this seminar, you'll discover how to find your "foodie niche" and develop a unique voice. You'll also learn how to promote and distinguish yourself in the overcrowded blogosphere—and how to transform a hobby into a viable writing career. All of blogging's ins and outs will be covered: hiring a website designer, finding a server, providing fresh content for readers, uploading photos, and much more. You will even have the opportunity to workshop your ideas as a group!

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Advanced Food Blogging

Brooke Parkhurst
Wednesday, January 10, 6:30-8:30pm
$100 • 1 session

Prepare yourself for bigger, better blogging! If you've already been blogging but would like to see superior results, you must take this class with Brooke Parkhurst. She will show you how you can drive far more traffic to your site, while teaching you how to effectively promote yourself, secure ad-sales dollars, receive products, and seize other valuable opportunities. You will also learn how good old-fashioned networking and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, and more can help to radically grow your blog audience.

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How to Write a Recipe

Marge Perry
Monday, December 18, 6:30-9:30pm
$100 • 1 session

Thinking of writing a cookbook or a magazine/newspaper article with recipes? Whether you are a professional chef, an aspiring food writer/cookbook author, or an established writer who would like to be able to include recipes in your pieces, you need to learn how to write clear, compelling recipes that make people want to cook your food. With nationally syndicated food writer Marge Perry, you'll learn the rules that all good recipes must follow—and the techniques that give a recipe personality without detracting from clarity. The class will include exercises to practice great recipe writing, and information on how to develop recipes for publication.

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Cooking for Camera: Facebook Live

Emily Peterson
Saturday, January 21, 10am-2pm
$150 • 1 session

Join Chef Emily Peterson in the kitchen for an introduction to the workings of social media’s newest incarnation: Facebook Live. You’ll cover everything you need to do and have at your disposal, like equipment, camera-readiness, conquering nerves, marketing, posting, boosting, and more. This class culminates with each student broadcasting live from our ICE studio kitchen—it's optional, yet highly recommended. So bring your fully charged, Internet-ready smartphone and get ready to cook for the camera!

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Food Photography Workshop

Peter Pioppo
Saturday-Sunday, January 13-14, 9am-5pm
$750 • 2 sessions

Are you a food blogger, shop owner, chef, or any other photographer who wants to learn how to create great photos of food—or refine the skills you already have? Professional photographer Peter Pioppo has the recipe to help you! This advanced two-day, hands-on course helps you develop the comprehensive skills needed to become a better food photographer. You'll learn the best ways to light your pasta, find the perfect angle to make pancakes look their best, and be able to style your salad or cocktail to make it stand out among your peers. After Peter shares his extensive expertise, you will be given assignments to create beautiful food images, further enhancing your hands-on experience. At the end of the workshop, you'll walk away with a vast amount of knowledge, plus professional-looking images of the foods you prepared and photographed. We'll cover:

• The equipment necessary to succeed in your mission
• How to use multiple types of light sources
• The use of props and backgrounds
• Food styling
• And, perhaps most important, the difference between just documenting food and creating a professional image

Suggested Equipment:
• A non-iPhone camera, plus a good understanding of basic camera functions
• A tripod (some will be provided if you don't own one)
• A laptop and tethering cord (a computer workstation will be available if you don't have these).

Peter Pioppo has built a unique career working with the most recognizable names in the culinary and beverage worlds. His photography has been featured in the "New York Times," "Bon Appétit," "New York" magazine, "Food Arts," and many more. Commercial clients have included nearly every major food producer in America, from Ben & Jerry's and Nestlé to Häagen-Dazs and Cointreau. His style has earned him
numerous awards, including a Golden Clio.

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