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Classes in Modernist Cuisine with James Briscione

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Flavor Pairing Workshop

Monday, September 11, 6-10pm
or Tuesday, November 14, 6-10pm
$60 students/alumni • $125 general public

Why do some ingredients go together while others clash? What makes a good pairing? It's impossible to create a plate of food without considering how all the component flavors will work together. Innovative and creative chefs are always seeking out new and surprising flavor combinations, but blind guessing can be tedious and time-consuming. With modern advances in food science, we can now isolate the building blocks of flavor and aroma-leading to some surprisingly delicious modern pairings. Chef James Briscione, will walk you through flavor pairing theory in this unique interactive workshop, giving you with the knowledge to unleash your creativity in brand-new and modern ways.

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Tools and Dishes of Modern Cuisine: Vegetable Cookery

Monday, September 18, 6-10pm
or Tuesday, January 9, 6-10pm
$60 students/alumni • $125 general public

Realizing that there are only so many ways a chef can cook a piece of meat or fish, modern chefs are increasingly displaying their skill and creativity through vegetable-centric dishes. Chef James Briscione will help you navigate the tools and techniques of today's modern kitchen and their application in vegetable cookery. Learn how to coax essential flavors out of ordinary and exotic vegetables, and how to rethink the center of your plate. Using sous vide cooking, whipping canisters, and a variety of modern techniques, Chef James will demonstrate how the varied colors, flavors, and textures of vegetables can make a well-rounded, vegetable-based dish a thing of beauty.

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Introduction to Sous Vide Cooking

Friday, October 13, 6-10pm
$60 students/alumni • $125 general public

In this half demo, half hands-on class, ICE Director of Culinary Research James Briscione will give you a general introduction to the uses of sous vide and low-temperature cooking applications. He will cover concepts such as food safety and low-temperature cooking, and uses of sous vide for storage and cooking. Dishes prepared will include: Eggs and Risotto; Ribeye Steak; 48-Hour Short Ribs; Chicken Breasts; Vegetables; Salmon; and Poached Pears.

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Advanced Sous Vide Cooking

Thursday, October 19, 6-10pm
$60 students/alumni • $125 general public

Step into the kitchen of any of the nation's top restaurants, and you're likely to find something being cooked en sous vide. Learn how to bring this exciting, intense method home with Chef James Briscione as your guide. An expert in sous vide cooking, Chef James trained in Venice with Italian masters. He will take you through all the ins and outs of this precise cooking method, and you'll soon understand how to get flavors and textures out of your food that you never thought possible! Foods prepared will include: Sous Vide Duck; Kimchi Pickles; Octopus; Smoked Potato; and more.

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Introduction to Hydrocolloids

Thursday, November 30, 6-10pm
$60 students/alumni • $125 general public
Unlock the mysteries and uses of hydrocolloids—ingredients that transform texture by altering viscosity and density. ICE's Director of Creative Research, Chef James Briscione, will demonstrate exactly how xanthan gum, carrageenan, and agar agar can be used in a professional kitchen, and how they can be applied to a myriad of techniques. You will learn the proper ways to work with these ingredients by making "caviar" pearls, liquid-filled spheres, and other transformative foods. Don't miss this unique class!

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Advanced Hydrocolloids

Monday, December 18, 1-5pm
$60 students/alumni • $125 general public

Take your knowledge and abilities with hydrocolloids to the next level. You’ll learn
advanced techniques with some of the same hydrocolloids covered in Introduction to
Hydrocolloids, plus some new ones, including gellan, locus bean gum, and methylcellulose. Dishes prepared will include: Liquid "Noodles"; Clear Sheets and Wrappers; Flexible Gels; and Eggless Meringues. 

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Modern Cooking and Plating Workshop

Wed-Thu, November 1-2, 6-10:30pm
$650 • 2 sessions
This class will focus on plating techniques and strategies to create
visually stunning dishes, using special equipment from Cedarlane Culinary. ICE Director of Culinary Research James Briscione will cover a variety of modern cooking methods, including sous vide, pressure cooker, dehydration, and hydrocolloids. We’ll cover:

• The essential tools for crafting modern plates
• Theory to plate construction, including how to craft texture and color
• Advanced cooking techniques, using sous vide, pressure cookers, and siphons
• Modern serviceware from ICE partner Front of the House

In addition to learning how cook and craft the perfect dish, you'll have the opportunity to use our in-kitchen photo studio to capture your art on the plate.

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