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Advanced Culinary Center (ACC)

For the Fall of 2016, the Advanced Culinary Center (ACC), our newest program aimed at professional development for the modern chef, will offer our first season of courses, with many more to come in 2017! Designed for industry professionals, these single and multi-day continuing education workshops are hands-on and taught by award winning and acclaimed chefs and artisans from all over the world. Not only will you be learning from master chefs, but all ACC classes are American Culinary Federation certified for continuing education hours.

Because of the hands-on nature of the workshops, these classes have a limited enrollment and fill quickly. ICE alumni receive 15% off!

Please note: ICE's dress code requires all students to wear black, khaki or checkered pants, a chef's coat and black closed-toe shoes. There are no exceptions. Students who come to class without a chef's coat will be required to purchase one from the Admissions Department.

2017 Class Offerings - Call (800) 522- 4610 to learn more


Tools and Techniques of Tandoori Cooking with Chef Michael Brockman

Sunday, June 4, 1pm-5pm
$175 • 1 session
Join Chef Michael Brockman, the corporate chef of Wood Stone ovens, for an afternoon of cooking techniques focused around the tandoor oven, found in ICE’s Advanced Culinary Lab. Many Western chefs haven't yet had the opportunity to work with this cylindrical clay oven in person. So with Chef Michael Brockman, we'll discover the tricks and tools needed for successful cooking in this oven—which works entirely differently from the conventional or convection oven you use on a daily basis. With its open flame on the inside, one-foot-thick walls, vented top, and temperatures reaching up to 900 degrees fahrenheit, this is a whole different approach to roasting! We'll start with traditional Indian dishes, then build and expand into all types of cuisine as we explore the endless possibilities of tandoori cooking.

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Beak-to-Tail Cooking with Chef Anita Lo

Wednesday, June 28, 1-5pm
$250 • 1 session
Join one of NYC’s most celebrated chefs, Anita Lo of Annisa, as she leads a hands-on cooking class featuring one of her favorite ingredients—duck. In this class, you will learn Anita’s most revered duck recipes, utilizing all parts of the bird. Afterward, students will break into groups and work together to execute their versions of her dishes under Anita's guidance.

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Past Classes - A Sample of Previous ACC Classes Offered at ICE

The Modern Pickle: Preservation Techniques with Shamus Jones

As founder and "executive briner" of Brooklyn Brine, Shamus Jones has changed the way we look at the humble pickle. His craft pickle company has expanded from making 100 jars of handmade pickles per week to over 15,000 per week in just seven years, all while continuing to develop some of the most interesting and creative pickles on the market. In spite of this massive growth, all the pickles, from the signature Damn Spicy to the Whiskey Sour, are hand cut and packed every day. These days, Shamus is working with Dogfish Head Brewery and Finger Lakes Distillery to produce out-of-this-world pickles like the Off-Centered Beer Pickle. In this professional hands-on class, Shamus will share his unique style, focusing on advanced techniques in pickling and brining. You'll learn innovative techniques, use top-quality ingredients, and create pickles with a modern twist.

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Master Class with Chef Mario Sandoval

ICE hosted a hands-on workshop with Spain's premier chef, Mario Sandoval. Chef Sandoval, who has been nominated for “Best Chef” by the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy, also holds 2 Michelin stars at his restaurant Coque, in Madrid. Additionally, he owns and operates a bakery, catering company, a bistro and has published five cookbooks. He also is the founder of Dream Food Innovación y Gastronomía, focused on food research. Chef Sandoval is especially renowned for his innovative take on the classic spanish suckling pig, which was a major focus of the workshop.