An ICE chef instructor chops onions with a Wüsthof knife

ICE + Wüsthof

On the Cutting Edge of Culinary Education

wusthof_375x375.jpgBecause quality knives and knife skills go hand-in-hand, ICE and Wüsthof — a premier culinary school and a maker of expertly crafted knives — have been partners for more than 30 years.

Together, ICE and Wüsthof are preparing professional chefs and at-home cooks to work with more precision and confidence.

For a chef, a good knife is crucial. According to ICE Chef Ted Siegel, a knife is the “singular most important piece of equipment that we use in the kitchen.” Wüsthof knows good knives. Founded in Solingen, Germany, Wüsthof has been a family-owned company for seven generations — that amounts to over 200 years of passionate dedication to crafting perfect blades. ICE is proud to train students using Wüsthof’s exceptional quality knives. A knife speaks volumes about its owner, too.

“You can learn everything you need to know about the professional integrity of a cook or chef by how they treat and care for their knives. The knife is not just an extension of your body but an extension of your being — who you are.” – Ted Siegel, ICE Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor

It’s crucial that a chef know how to use knives properly. That’s why ICE chefs teach knife skills to both career and recreational students, beginning with courses in the fundamentals — from chopping and dicing to keeping knives sharp and handling them correctly. Caring for knives and learning to sharpen them is essential. Says Chef Ted, “A sharp knife is absolutely critical in becoming a better cook, as it will help maintain the integrity and quality of the ingredients that you are working with — maintain texture, color, flavor and nutrients. You simply cannot function without a very sharp knife.” For those looking to take their knife skills to the next level, ICE also teaches advanced classes to learn skills like butchery.

ICE and Wüsthof have created the ultimate knife skills video series to show what happens when expert craftsmanship meets culinary experts. 

Knife Skills

ICE and Wüsthof combined over 200 years of craftsmanship and 4 decades of culinary technique to bring you the best of what we both do. From slicing and dicing to the chiffonade, cake leveling, filleting fish or slicing the perfect steak, the beauty of expert craftsmanship and skilled chefs shines through — and the result is nothing less than culinary art. 

How to Slice, Chop and Chiffonade Different Herbs

Watch as ICE Chef James Briscione teaches you how to chop, slice and chiffonade herbs the same way he and our expert instructors at ICE teach our culinary students. For more tips on handling fresh herbs, click here.

How to Level and Split a Cake into Layers

Learn to level a cake for perfect layers, the way ICE pastry students learn in our kitchen classrooms — ICE Chef Sabrina Sexton shows the proper technique, using a cake turner.

How to Slice, Dice and Julienne

Watch Chef James Briscione demonstrate how to slice onions, julienne carrots and create perfectly diced potatoes the way we instruct our culinary arts students at ICE. Get all of Chef James' tips by clicking here.

How to Fillet a Fish

Watch as Chef Sabrina Sexton, ICE’s Culinary Arts Program Director, uses a range of Wüsthof blades to fillet a beautiful red snapper. Click here to get Chef Sabrina's complete guide to filleting. 

How to Slice a Steak

Chef James Briscione highlights what many cooks don't know — that when it comes to steak, it does matter which way you slice it.