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Team Building Events

Perfect for Client Parties and Business Meetings

Where else can you find bankers donning aprons, attorneys mixing cocktails and creative directors rolling out dough? It's an ICE cooking party!

ICE's team building events are perfect for client parties and business meetings.

team building eventAll team building challenges will take place at the beginning of the cooking portion of the event. Choose from one of the below options!

Chopstick Challenge

And you thought chopsticks were used only for sushi. Think again! Using chopsticks, each person within the group will move 5 pieces of small candy from one bowl to another, and after they’ve completed this task, the chopsticks move to the next person in line, and so on.

Herb Picker

Fresh herbs are great. They add bright flavors and are a pretty garnish. What’s not great? Picking fresh herbs off their stems…until now! In this challenge, each group will be given a large bouquet of a leafy herb (cilantro or parsley) that will then be split amongst the group. Each person will have 4 minutes to carefully pick the leaves off the stems until the stem is bare and the leaves are plentiful.

Palate Contest

If you forgot what baby food tastes like, or if you’ve ever roamed the grocery store aisles wondering about those potato chip flavor combinations, we’ve got you covered with this contest. Each group will receive 3 variations of a food. All members of the group will have 5 minutes to determine the flavor and/or ingredients. This challenge will add 15 minutes to the length of event.

Food Trivia

If Jeopardy is your jam, add this challenge to your group’s next teambuilding event. This exercise will consist of 6 questions, all pertaining to the menu that you’ve chosen. Each group will be provided with a dry erase board and marker. At the end of the 10 minutes, groups will hand in their board (phones not permitted). During the hour of hands-on cooking, guests will learn the answers to the questions. This challenge will add 15 minutes to the length of event.

Food Taboo

In this culinary driven challenge, 1 person will be given 5 ingredients to taste. They will need to describe the ingredient without saying what the item is (questions not permitted). The first group to guess the item correctly wins that round. This challenge will add 15 minutes to the length of event.

Teambuilding events

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