Peter Gyorgyicsek Sugarwork

CAPS: Sugarwork with Peter Gyorgyicsek

Three-day Workshop

Interested in learning more about working with cooked sugar? Or ready for a competition? Acclaimed chef Peter Gyorgyicsek will visit ICE from Australia for the first time in 2019.

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  • Three-day workshop
  • Admission - $750
Institute of Culinary Education

Brookfield Place
225 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281

Chef Peter won a gold medal at the Malaysian FHM competition in 2015, and 2 gold medals competing in Australia in 2017. He’s won gold medals at the IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany, Mini Salon Culinary Competition in South Africa, and Taverna Culinary Cup in Hungary. Chef Peter regularly travels the world and teaches sugar showpiece design. He will work with your skill level to take you through new challenges. Each participant will work on their own sugar showpiece in this three-day intensive so you can practice the techniques of your choosing, whether design, sugar blowing, ribbons or perfecting your flower pulling skills.