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ICE is integral to the national conversation around food and hospitality with more than 35 million media impressions a month. Our industry talent can demonstrate a wide array of techniques, skills and cuisines. Click on any chef's photo for their unique background and expertise and examples of their work. To work with any of our experts or shoot on location, contact ICE's PR team.



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Food Business and Education

 Rick Camac is the Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management at ICE.
Rick Camac, Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management
Mishel LeDoux is the Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management at ICE's Los Angeles campus.
Mishel LeDoux, Los Angeles Campus Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management
Rick Smilow is the president and CEO at ICE.
Rick Smilow, President and CEO
Lachlan Sands is the president of ICE's Los Angeles campus.
Chef Lachlan Sands, Los Angeles Campus President

Food as Medicine

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