Student Experience

An Inside Look at Student Life at ICE

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The Most Critical Connections of Your Career Are Often Right Next to You

Tour the classrooms at ICE and you'll see a diversity of ages, experiences, backgrounds and goals. Your classmates will come from all over the United States and around the world. Some are at the start of their careers, studying to become executive chefs and managers in the nation's top restaurants. Others have come to ICE to train for the next chapter of their lives, be they carpenters, lawyers, bankers, advertising executives, journalists or actors. Still others have already worked in the food industry and want to sharpen their skills in pursuit of better opportunities.

Although your classmates come from different backgrounds and have different aspirations, they share a common goal for their experience at ICE: to turn their lifelong passion for food or hospitality into a rewarding career. This forms the friendships and basis for your professional network, lasting for many years and experiences ahead.

ICE is committed to providing a well-rounded experience to its student body. Throughout the year, ICE students enjoy a variety of exclusive classes to help enrich their culinary school experience.

Get involved

Students in class at the Institute of Culinary Education

Extracurricular Activities

Every ICE career program student is entitled to participate in a broad variety of classes and educational programs, above and beyond their chosen career program curriculum. Students are invited and encouraged to attend the Professional Demonstrations and Lectures by special guests from the world of food. 

Pastry arts students pose with their awards medals at their graduation ceremony

Student Awards

At the end of each of our Culinary ArtsPastry & Baking Arts and Restaurant & Culinary Management programs, students have the opportunity to win awards chosen by both their fellow students and their instructors. These honors recognize the exceptional potential of our most hard-working graduates and establish a meaningful goal for ICE students to work toward.

The three medals presented at each class' ceremony — the Top Toque/Top Student, Wüsthof Award for Leadership and Most Likely to Succeed Award — recognize the students who have demonstrated technical excellence in their area of study, leadership within their program and industry-preparedness.

Guest Speakers - Culinary Entrepreneurs

Throughout the year, ICE is fortunate to bring in great culinary entrepreneurs from around the nation. From California winemakers and New Orleans chefs, to food website founders and specialty food company presidents, these resources are eager to share their knowledge and meet our students. They know that someday, you might be their next great new employee! 

Networking & Volunteer Opportunities

Every week, ICE offers students new opportunities to get involved with some of the biggest names in the food industry. Whether it’s hosting the latest high-profile cookbook launch, volunteering for a well-attended culinary event or inviting an acclaimed restaurateur to share their secrets of success, ICE is a hub of networking activity. 

Student Housing Program

ICE's Student Housing program helps our students find safe, comfortable and convenient housing in some of Los Angeles' most exciting and vibrant communities. The housing vendors we partner with offer a variety of options — from dorm-style living to shared or private apartments. Our Student Housing program allows students to focus their time and energy on exploring Los Angeles and launching an exciting new culinary or hospitality career. 

Chef Marc Murphy shares his experience as a student at the Institute of Culinary Education.

"ICE helped lay the foundations of my education as a chef. It was there that I learned the basics, and those lessons have stayed with me throughout my entire career."

Marc Murphy (Culinary, ‘90)
Chef, Restaurateur & TV Personality