Endless electives are available to students at ICE, including fresh pasta making classes

Extracurricular Activities

Inspiring Electives to Choose From

ICE_First_Fridays_5.5.17_edited-2_375x375.jpgProfessional Demonstrations and Extracurriculars

ICE offers enrichment classes focused on cooking and beverage-related elements of the food industry, free for alumni and students. We host experts in various fields from all over the world to teach, lecture and cook for our student body, providing our students with the exclusive opportunity to watch, interact with and ask questions of these successful epicureans.

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Guest Speakers - Culinary Entrepreneurs

Throughout the year, ICE is fortunate to bring in great culinary entrepreneurs from around the nation. From California winemakers and New Orleans chefs to food website founders and content creators to specialty food company leaders, these resources are eager to share their knowledge and meet our students. They know that someday, you might be their next great new employee!

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