Pasta class in Los Angeles

Couples: Handmade Pasta Class

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, learn to make fresh handmade pasta, stuffed pasta, perfect sauces and all the accompaniments! There's nothing better than handmade pasta's flavor and texture and once you know the techniques, it’s easy and fun to make at home. In this very hands-on class at the newly opened Los Angeles campus of the Institute of Culinary Education, you will learn to make dough the Old-World way, then how to shape, cut and stuff it. You and your partner will create a complete fresh Italian dinner of: pappardelle with Bolognese; burro e salvia (butternut squash ravioli with sage butter); tomato basil bruschetta; and shaved fennel and radicchio salad.

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  • Open to the general public.
  • $240 for two (2) students.
Institute of Culinary Education

521 East Green Street 
Pasadena, CA 91101