A culinary school student takes notes during a lecture at the Institute of Culinary Education

Transfer/College Credit

Your ICE education may be worth transfer credits at eligible institutions – making the path to your degree even shorter.

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Prospective students often wonder whether they should pursue a degree or a diploma; ICE is now able to offer students the opportunity to do both.

How It Works

ICE is proud to have been evaluated by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), an organization chartered by the New York State Board of Regents to make college credit recommendations. As such, graduates of ICE’s Culinary Arts Program can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 19 college credits, graduates of ICE Pastry & Baking Arts Program can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 18 college credits, graduates of ICE’s Hospitality & Hotel Management Program (New York City) can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 19 credits and and graduates of ICE’s Restaurant & Culinary Management Program can transfer their ICE credits and receive up to 14 college credits.

Double Your Fun

ICE graduates that earn double diplomas (Culinary Arts and Restaurant & Culinary Management or Pastry & Baking Arts and Restaurant & Culinary Management) can transfer their credits and receive up to 33 college credits. Did we mention you can earn a double diploma at ICE, in two award-winning programs, in the time it takes to earn one diploma elsewhere? Plus, we’ll take 10% off the tuition.

Pursue an AOS Degree

ICE's new Associate of Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts & Management is eligible for NCCRS credit transfers. Connect with our Admissions team to learn more about earning a degree.


NCCRS makes credit recommendations to 1,500 colleges and universities to use as a guide in granting college credit for courses taken at non-degree granting institutions. The privilege of evaluation does not mean that ICE can itself award college credit, only a college or university can do that. In addition, the actual amount of credit that an ICE graduate will receive will be determined by each individual college or university. Please contact the ICE Registrar for more information.