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History of ICC

The story of The French Culinary Institute becoming the International Culinary Center

Our story begins in 1984, when The French Culinary Institute opened on the corner of Broadway & Grand Street in Soho, NYC. Founder Dorothy Cann Hamilton had a dream to bring the same professional culinary education she observed in France to the U.S. An A-list of talents were recruited to serve as deans, creating an original curriculum to teach fundamental cooking techniques in a fast-paced program that got aspiring chefs into the workforce quickly and well-prepared. The legendary André Soltner, Alain Sailhac, Jacques Pépin and Jacques Torres remain deans at the school today!

The Journey From FCI to ICC

As the culinary world grew, so did the school, adding new programs and expanding the campus to Silicon Valley, California in 2011. Continuing its legacy as a global leader in culinary, pastry and wine education for more than 30 years, The French Culinary Institute became the International Culinary Center in 2012!

Check out “The Story of ICC” below, a short, animated film tracing our history – literally!

FCI Flashbacks

Over the years, our Deans have influenced a lineage of trailblazing alumni who crafted their own path built on the foundations of French techniques learned at FCI + ICC. We’ve unlocked a few of our favorite moments from the French Culinary Institute vault to share! Do you recognize any familiar faces in the photos?

This page was originally published by the International Culinary Center (ICC), founded as The French Culinary Institute (FCI). In 2020, ICE and ICC came together on one strong and dynamic national platform at ICE's campuses in New York City and Los Angeles. Explore your culinary education where the legacy lives on.

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