White truffles.

Truffle Tasting with Urbani Truffles

For many diners, white and black truffles are a highly sought-after delicacy. We are pleased to announce that Urbani Truffles has offered to educate ICE students on the basics of seasonal white truffles from Italy. In early December, which is the peak of white truffle season, they are offering students a tasty, fun and educational session at ICE.

Urbani was founded in 1852 near Perugia, Italy, and has grown into the world’s largest distributor of fresh truffles, and also developed a range of consumer products that use truffle species. In this session, students will learn about:

• The range of truffles
• Truffle hunting and harvesting
• Urbani's history
• Sensory elements such as aroma, texture and taste

After a brief presentation, students will feast on pasta and risotto with freshly shaved white truffles that were foraged from Italy's soil just 48 hours earlier.

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