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Career Fairs at ICE

ICE's biannual career fair puts students and alumni in contact with dozens of top industry employers.Launching Your Culinary Career

Upcoming Career Fairs:

New York: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 4-6pm
Los Angeles: Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 4-6pm

Please RSVP with your full name, campus, program and graduation year (or expected graduation date) to for our New York campus or for our Los Angeles campus. 

Within the course of every student’s education is a moment when he or she asks the question, “What do I want my career to look like?” At ICE, we pride ourselves on maintaining the largest culinary career services department in New York City, and can't wait to make our mark on the Los Angeles culinary scene as well. Our experienced advisors provide students with personal mentoring and professional guidance, but most importantly, leverage ICE’s extensive network of contacts to open doors to the industry’s leading employers. 

For students interested in exploring a variety of opportunities in hospitality and food careers, ICE also hosts biannual job fairs, where students and alumni can meet with recruiters from celebrated restaurant groups, successful alumni chefs and entrepreneurs, and leaders in the hospitality job market. It’s not only an exceptional opportunity to learn about specific job openings, but it is also the perfect time to connect with other alumni and build a network of personal contacts. Join us at our upcoming Career Fair to discover exciting externship placement and job opportunities in the food and hospitality industries.

ICE hosts a biannual career fair, where students and alumni can meet with recruiters from celebrated restaurant groups and industry leaders.

What Employers Say:

"ICE students always put their best foot forward. They have a solid foundation in the culinary arts and an understanding of what it takes to work and succeed in a restaurant kitchen. I come to every career fair at ICE and you will always see ICE students in the Blue Hill kitchens." - HR Director, Blue Hill Restaurants

"I look for smiles, personality, excitement, enthusiasm - and ICE students have those qualities. Our externs from ICE have been excellent and Spice Market always looks to hire as many students out of externship as possible." - Anthony Ricco; Culinary Arts Alumnus, Chef de Cuisine, Spice Market

"We enjoy working with students who have switched careers to “look for their culinary dreams”. There’s nothing like having a passion for what you do, and ICE students have it." - Director of HR, Eataly

ICE's biannual career fair is the perfect time to connect with other alumni and build a network of personal contacts.

The Student Experience:

"What’s great about ICE is that, as an alum, you can always come back. The career fair is a more personal way to look for a job, in comparison to searching online or speaking on the phone, for example. Physically shaking someone’s hand can make all the difference." - Melissa V., Pastry & Baking Arts

"I’m only in the second module of the program, but I came to the career fair because I’m motivated to find a great job. I currently work in finance, so I take classes at ICE in the evenings. Studying the Culinary Arts is about me following my passion, and that passion brought me to ICE." - Peter J., Culinary Arts Student

The Career Fair is just one of the many resources at ICE for students pursuing a future in food or hospitality. Every week, ICE's Student Lounge hosts a "Pop-Up" recruiting visit by a top food or hospitality industry employer — the perfect way to connect face-to-face with those looking to hire. An finally, through its extensive network of industry contacts and alumni network, ICE places hundreds of graduates annually in dining and hospitality positions across the country. There has never been a better time to find your culinary voice at ICE.

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