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iPads at ICE

(New York Campus)

ICE is the first culinary school to offer an iPad-based curriculum.ICE is one of the first culinary institutes in the world to fully incorporate the iPad into its’ educational program. As of April 2013, all matriculating Culinary Arts and Pastry & Baking Arts students at ICE's New York campus have received an iPad along with their knife roll and uniforms. The device has replaced traditional textbooks, compressing all content, curriculum and lesson material distribution tool into a more portable, interactive format. But it is this second element—interactivity—that defines how revolutionary this shift has been for our teaching kitchens.

"Having iPads in the culinary classroom was the best thing that happened. The way you can look through the recipes and edit them on the iPad, so you don't have to memorize any changes your Chef makes, is excellent."
-Gary G., ICE student

At our New York campus, ICE chef-instructors share lesson plans and materials on their iPads via high definition monitors installed in each kitchen. In addition to pre-loaded content, the iPad facilitates access to additional online content, including reference videos and other resources.

As for the reference texts provided on the iPads, most are interactive, including high quality video of culinary techniques. This enables students to review or see supplemental versions, of the skills taught in class. And as each iPad has a built-in camera, it is also possible for a student to film specific aspects of their daily lessons, to enhance the learning process and retain for future use.

"A lot of restaurants are doing things like this now: using apps and iPads so that everyone can share access to recipes via their phone, etc. You can make changes, updates, and have a history log of your recipes."
-Chef Michael Garrett


ICE is the first culinary school to offer an iPad-based curriculum.Among the chefs who have spearheaded the implementation of iPads in the classroom, few have been more involved than Pastry & Baking Arts Instructor Scott McMillen: “The idea of mobile connectivity and mobile media viewing [has become] the norm. ICE’s use of iPads is one way we have adapted to this new digital world, helping students to study ‘on the go’ and reducing the burden and logistical issues of carrying around heavy textbooks.”

Chef Andrea Tutunjian ICE’s Dean of Students, adds, “It’s interesting how much the ‘hands –on’ nature of culinary education can be paralleled by the interactive nature of the iPad…Cooking is clearly a process of multi-tasking and the iPad is well suited for multi-facted information gathering and learning.”

"For me, it's great. Taking video in the kitchen is helpful, so that you can go home and review, because you didn't write something down or forgot. And you can exchange videos with other students."
-Debora D., ICE student

Tekserve, New York’s leading Apple technology consultants and a key partner in ICE’s iPad initiative, was proud to help make ICE’s iPad based curriculum one of the smartest advancements in culinary education. Conveniently located just steps from ICE, they have continued to be a resource for student questions and opportunities to continue improving our students’ learning experience, providing setup, training, and support for students and faculty to maximize their iPad-based learning.

Always listening to the needs of students and demands of the industry, ICE is committed to leading innovation and improving the student experience. Bringing technology into the culinary classroom gives ICE a competitive advantage, and establishes a platform for future content sharing, development of new learning applications, and tools to help students become modern culinary professionals.