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Get a firsthand look at everything from plated desserts to pastillage: follow along with our Life as a Pastry Student column on the ICE blog.SCHEDULE OPTIONS
NEW YORK CAMPUSMorning (8 Months)Monday-Friday • 8am-12pmStarts: 5/15, 8/13Afternoon (8 Months)Monday-Friday • 1-5pmStarts: 4/3, 7/24, 9/25Evenings (12 Months)Sun/Mon/Tue • 6-10pmStarts: 8/6Weekend (10 Months)Sat/Sun • 9am-5pmStarts: 5/19
LOS ANGELES CAMPUSMorning (8 Months)Monday-Friday • 7:30am-11:30amStarts: 5/22Afternoon (8 Months)Monday-Friday • 12-4pmStarts: 4/12Evenings (12 Months)Tues/Wed/Thur • 6-10pmStarts: 4/12

Diploma Program Overview

Now Is the Time – Make Your Mark

If you've been considering a career in culinary arts and have a special interest in pastry school or baking school, our Pastry & Baking Arts program delivers an amazing wealth of skills and knowledge. Graduates of our renowned program have gone on to win national awards, write top cookbooks and appear on TV and in leading food magazines.

Old World, New World and the Whole World

Drawing from the rich pastry training and baking traditions of France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, as well as contemporary American variations, our Pastry & Baking Arts program is not only international in scope, but also constantly evolving through modern global influences. Our award-winning pastry school curriculum has been shaped by two chefs: first by Nick Malgieri, the former executive pastry chef at Windows on the World and a member of Pastry Art & Design’s 1998 and 1999 “Ten Best Pastry Chefs" roster.” More recently, Creative Director Michael Laiskonis has continued the program’s development, applying his experience as former executive pastry chef at Le Bernardin and 2007 winner of the prestigious “Outstanding Pastry Chef in America” award from the James Beard Foundation.

Skills That Will Last a Lifetime

In no other field of the culinary arts do art and technique combine so beautifully as in pastry and baking. Your hands-on education starts with our chef instructors, who will guide you through the crucial components of this complex and graceful craft.

Imagine a baking school curriculum that sets you on the path to becoming an accomplished professional, covering a wide range of pastries that include flaky croissants, silky gelato and crusty breads. It is a remarkable journey that begins with a comprehensive exploration and critical tasting of ingredients to learn how flavors and textures combine. You will progress through development of all the dough-based products from delicate strudel to tarts and puff pastries. Our breads are a special source of pride with a curriculum designed by Sim Cass, the renowned founding baker of Balthazar Bakery. You will learn to prepare such yeast-raised classics as bagels, brioche, pizza and baguettes.

With a strong emphasis on theory, our pastry school curriculum will teach you the essential techniques of cakes and chocolate, highlighting the key ratios and methods that allow you to go beyond recipes and create your own formulas. You will learn how to decorate cakes by hand until inscriptions and piping become second nature. Ultimately, students have the opportunity to apply these skills and create a tiered cake of your own design. Chocolate confections are also part of the curriculum, from the simple truffle to intricate showpieces. What's more, Pastry & Baking Arts students at our New York campus have the unique opportunity to learn about the process of chocolate production from bean-to-bar in the ICE Chocolate Lab — a feature you won't find at other culinary schools.

A Large School Offering an Intimate Experience

With no more than 16 students in any of your baking school classes, your learning is our main focus. By the program’s end, you will have handcrafted everything from cakes and confections to classic breads and elegant desserts, preparing you to create intricate and imaginative recipes of your own.

We offer you a personal experience that extends far beyond the classroom. Our Career Services staff is here for you and your ambition.

Externships Put Your Career in Motion Right Away

After 400 hours of careful instruction and practice, you are ready for the exam that matters: working in a professional kitchen. Through our unsurpassed externship program, you will spend 210 hours on-site in a restaurant, hotel, catering kitchen or other culinary enterprise. With a myriad of externship options available, no other culinary school New York or California offers the diversity and caliber of our professional network. You will put your skills to work in real time in an actual kitchen outside of the classroom walls. Best of all, these externships frequently turn into job offers and provide you with invaluable contacts for the rest of your career. You will live the excitement of pursuing your dream.

The Only Thing Stopping You Is You

Yes, you can do it. Our flexible schedules and financial aid options can help you find your culinary voice. If pastry and baking are your calling, reach out to an Institute of Culinary Education admissions representative today.

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JEAN GEORGES Praises "“At Jean-Georges and other restaurants, we look forward to seeing ICE on an applicant’s resume and are always impressed by graduates' determination, imagination and devotion to the culinary arts." Jean-Georges VongerichtenAward-winning Chef/Restaurateur/Author

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