Sweet Treats: Momofuku Milk Bar, Brooklyn Commissary

Last Friday, I had the rare opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour at Momofuku Milk Bar’s Commissary in Williamsburg. Back in November, Milk Bar opened the new space to accommodate their expanding business and produce all of the Crack Pies and Cake Truffles they have to make every day. They have a small counter where you can buy the inventive whole pies, cakes, cookies and cake truffles created by Pastry Chef Christina Tosi, but behind the counter is where the magic happens.

I spent the morning watching them make all those delicious goodies and tasting the results. According to the lovely ladies rolling them, they make upwards of 600 cake truffles a day. I know you’re wondering, what is a cake truffle? Well, it’s as good as it sounds, and I have to say I was quite taken by the birthday cake flavored ones. Vanilla birthday cake is baked and then turned into crumbs and mixed with extra butter and rainbow sprinkles. Then this delicious goodness is rolled into a truffle shape, enrobed in white chocolate and dipped in more cake crumbs and rainbow sprinkles.

It’s quite a lovely rainbow-y effect and my kids polished off six in less than 10 seconds. The cake truffles also come in chocolate malt and coconut-tangerine right now. I got to watch the assembly of the grasshopper pies, a graham cracker crust filled with brownie batter swirled with grasshopper-flavored (come on now people, that’s mint) cheesecake, covered with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows and covered with a mint glaze — YUM! I wanted to jump right in and had to hold myself back from grabbing the marshmallows and helping myself. If grasshopper isn’t your thing they also have candy bar pie —a creation made from chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel and caramel gooeyness; cinnamon bun pie with cheesecake filling; and that ever-famous crack pie — a toasted oatmeal crust with a gooey buttery filling.

Of course if you can’t decide you can always go for the franken pie, two slices of each flavor in one pie dish. They also make some really fun cookies, of which the cornflake, marshmallow and chocolate chip was my favorite. (You might be starting to see a pattern here with me and marshmallows. Don’t even get me started on the mallowmar. In fact, I better go grab a few for the freezer before they become extinct for the summer.) They were baking hundreds of cookies while I was there including the celebrated compost cookie — a combo of pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips.

But let’s not forget the chocolate-chocolate cookie, the blueberries and cream cookie, the corn cookie and the peanut butter cookie. I know those poor cookies probably feel left out next to the fame and glory of the compost cookie, but they are equally delish in my book. While I was there, they were also working on the kimchi croissants and the pastrami and rye croissants. I have to say there was one little guy in particular who caught my eye, the birthday cake–cake. I can’t be sure but it seemed to be a lovely concoction of yellow cake and fruity pebbles. It was so pretty that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

But just in case you’re wondering… that’s right, I want mine made out of cocoa pebbles.