School Food at ICE

This week, a very special group of students is wrapping up lessons at the Institute of Culinary Education — our annual School Food group.

This marks our seventh year collaborating with the NYC Department of Education and their Executive Chef, Jorge Collazo. The mission of the Office of School Food is to provide safe, attractive, appetizing, nutritionally sound meals in a timely manner to the students of New York City. School Food serves over 180,000 breakfasts to students daily, free of charge, and over 860,000 total meals each day.

Each year, approximately 60 cooks come to ICE for hands-on cooking in a workshop-type atmosphere. The cooking classes cover essential techniques, giving the cooks the culinary grounding to cook advanced and healthful dishes when they prepare meals for the students they help feed. Chef Instructors Karen Schley and Peter Striffolino worked with each class to review techniques and fundamental skills rather than recipes, advancing the cooks' understanding of culinary concepts and helping improve the meals of New York’s students in the process.

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