The winners of the 2018 #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Contest at the Institute of Culinary Education with The Chew hosts and celebrity chef mentors and ICE chef instructor judges

The Institute of Culinary Education Announces This Year’s #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Winners on "The Chew"

Thumbnail image: ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Watch to find out how this year's challenge came to its thrilling conclusion on ABC's "The Chew!"

Hundreds entered. Thousands voted. Then the finalists competed at the Institute of Culinary Education in front of the entire nation on ABC’s "The Chew" for a chance to win this year’s #CulinaryVoice Scholarship Contest. With lessons from ICE chef-instructors, celebrity chef mentors Josh Capon, Amanda Freitag, Fabio Viviani and Maneet Chauhan helping them perfect their skills and hosts Carla Hall, Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly rooting them on, the finalists scrambled, stir-fried and plated their way through a series of cooking challenges.


Photo credit: ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua
photo credit: ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua
photo credit: ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

After two days of fierce competition (and a surprise twist at the end!), we’re excited to announce that five promising aspiring chefs won a full scholarship each to the Institute of Culinary Education.

They come from all across the nation, from Chicago to Los Angeles to Lubbock, Texas. Though they all dreamed of attending ICE, their aspirations after they complete their Culinary Arts or Pastry & Baking Arts programs are vastly different. Check back next week as we’ll be sharing more on each of the 2018 Culinary Voice Scholarship winners. Congratulations to Matthew Leung, Aaron Beasley, Britney Windrum, Darien Washington and Sophia Dao!


Check out the playlist below to watch how all the action unfolded.

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