ICE Culinary Management Field Trip to Shake Shack

Yesterday, a group of Culinary Management students learned the ins and outs of finely tuned restaurant service from alum Meredith Doll. Doll completed the ICECulinary Arts and Culinary Management programs. Now, she works at Shake Shack, Danny Meyer’s famed burger stand in Madison Square Park. Doll came back to ICE to speak with the class. She has been able to work her way up to management positions and she shared her experience with the ICE class . The students learned the details of how the Shake Shack operates and heard behind-the-scenes stories from one of New York’s busiest food businesses. After speaking, the students headed over to Madison Square Park to see for themselves how the Shack operates. The best part — trying a variety of the shakes and burgers without waiting in line!

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