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Food & Wine at ICE

A Video Series

Ask any cook, food writer or culinary TV personality, and they’re likely to have a story about that one technique or skill that they never quite mastered. In the case of former Food & Wine Editor in Chief Dana Cowin, she dedicated an entire cookbook to the pursuit of “mastering her mistakes in the kitchen.”

At ICE, we specialize in furthering the skills of a wide range of food lovers—from aspiring young chefs to enthusiastic home cooks and even advanced professionals. So when we learned of a few weak spots that Dana wasn’t able to tackle in her cookbook, we invited her to ICE to meet with our lineup of cocktail, cooking, chocolate and bread baking experts.

Dana Cowin Brady Bunch

Stay tuned! Every day this week we’ll be posting videos from Dana’s day at ICE, featuring signature gin cocktails, artisanal bread, advanced chocolate techniques and more.

To learn more about this video series with Food & Wine, click here.

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