#CulinaryVoice Photo Contest

The #culinaryvoice photo contest is back for round three, covering farm-to-table cooking, modernist plating, and blow-torched desserts.


Clockwise, from top left:

  • Culinary student @monpetitfour tackles our "Market Basket" challenge, with creamy spinach and mushrooms, spicy baked chickpeas and a seared scallop.
  • Culinary student @chef_2be tries his hand at pastry, blow torching the sugary top of creme brûlée until it carmelizes to the shattering point.
  • Culinary student @bagelsbasics plays around with modern plating: tzatziki marinated lamb loin, olive coulis, grape tomatoes, herb yogurt, fried panisse and microgreens.
  • Pastry student @jerssica bakes a lemon meringue cake, achieving an enviable burnt-marshmallow-esque glow

Vote for your favorite finalist in the comments!  

Students: to enter future rounds of the #culinaryvoice contest, tag your photos from class on Instagram with "@iceculinary #culinaryvoice".

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