Carciofi and Chocolate Génoise Cakes

Five-Course Friday: Nov. 30, 2012

From rustic to sophisticated, savory to sweet, the students of ICE's career division never fail to impress our taste buds. Here's a sneak peek:


Chef Sabrina Sexton and her Culinary Arts students cooked their way through the foods of Italy. Carciofi (artichokes) with peas and pancetta are typical of Northern Italian cuisine.


This pancetta wrapped branzino was another stunning, rustic dish prepared by Chef Sabrina's class.


Chef Erica Wides and her students have been cooking up seasonal meat dishes, like this venison with butternut squash puree, chestnut, and a red wine reduction.


Chef Gerri Sarnataro instructed students in the art of French pastries, like this blueberry frangipane tart.


The pastry floor filled with the scent of chocolate, as Chef Scott McMillen and students prepared beautiful chocolate génoise cakes.

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