Business Bites Resources: 3 Tips for Food Safety Success in your Restaurants

Food safety may not be the first thought in your mind when opening your business, but it is essential to the success of it. Not only is it a requirement by law, but food safety can also be a great asset for any restaurant or food business operation. Whether in service, cooking, agriculture or manufacturing, the systems of food are all governed by science. Think of food safety practices as the management system for that science. Regardless of your role within the business, the entire team—from front of house to back of house and kitchen staff—has a responsibility to the success of a food safety management system.

To better understand the importance of food safety management, we spoke with Trevor Morones, ICC Professional Culinary Arts graduate and Founder + CEO of Control Point, a consulting company for food safety.  Below, check out his 3 tips for achieving food safety success from day one!


For years, many restaurants and businesses have kept covert codes to warn about the presence of an inspector, frantically leaping into action upon their arrival. Wouldn’t it be better to develop a team with excellent standards from the start? To do this, it’s important to generate a culture of integrity and discipline, starting from the top. This will contribute greatly to the culture of the team.

By giving your team the proper tools, training and understanding of the science of food safety, you’ll leave your team feeling confident, supported and empowered to do what’s best. The best part—there are many tools available, such as books, forums, webinars or demonstrations, to provide food safety knowledge to your organization.


The overall goal of a preventative maintenance program for your business is to maintain your environment at an optimal level and minimize risks and equipment failure. Basically, by staying ahead of processes and procedures, you can mitigate problems before they happen. Most food safety issues happen by virtue of negligence that good planning and anticipating problems can easily cure.

Food safety does not have to be daunting—by engaging in preventative maintenance, your equipment, operation and team will all be protected. Remember, the cost of incompliance supersedes the cost of compliance, such as loss of customer trust, insurance and legal fees, PR damage, etc.


Creating food safety practices is not the same for every restaurant or food business. Every program and implemented food safety practices should be specific to how an individual organization operates. Gone are the days of simply copying a method from another program or using someone else’s manual.

Food safety can indeed generate value for your restaurant or food business, whether it’s through customer loyalty or brand awareness. There are always opportunities to educate your team, prevent problems before they happen, and design a clear program that works for your business. And remember, when in doubt; always seek guidance from an expert like Control Point!


Control Point founder, Trevor J. Morones, is a graduate of the International Culinary Center and a classically culinary trained expert butcher. As a craft butcher, he understands first-hand the desire to focus on the craft and create the best product possible, creating throngs of satisfied customers and fulfilling on brand promises of quality, efficiency, and unique value.

As a Lead HACCP Instructor, GFSI auditor in training, and Serv Safe Instructor, Trevor brings his brilliant engineering mind and spirit to craft training and solutions to minimize the amount of time spent with red tape and regulations—eliminating costly mistakes and fines while creating cultures of operational excellence.

In working with high volume manufacturing facilities and highly acclaimed restaurants such as B&B Hospitality Group, Good Uncle, and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Trevor has perfected the balance between productivity and compliance. Control Point was created to guide Chefs, Restaurant Groups, and Food Manufacturers through their food safety concerns and processes with a high level of excellence.

Control Point is all about results. Trevor’s training and implementation practices have proven to increase company growth, domestically and internationally, by 66%. Trevor holds positions on many committees critical to the support of food industry safety and excellence.


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