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Business Bites: Feed Your Social Strategy Panel

The BUSINESS BITES SERIES, brought to you by the Food Business Fundamentals program at ICC, is a series of workshops, discussion panels and networking events designed to support entrepreneurs in the food industry. Each event is designed to provide education, information and the opportunity to connect with industry experts in a collaborative setting.

BUSINESS BITES: Feed Your Social Strategy

Is it all just #foodporn?

Social media is a way for food entrepreneurs & chefs to capture customers – to make them hungry for what you’re selling – but an effective social media strategy is more than just mouthwatering photos. Not only does it help create buzz in the market, but it can develop brand identity, build customer loyalty and provide valuable information on what moves and influences your customers.

So how do you make the most of what social media can do for your business?

Join us for an informative discussion panel where we investigate what it really means to develop a social media strategy for your food business. Our panelists will share tips, tricks and experiences on what works, what doesn’t, and how you can harness the power of social media for your business. You’ll also have ample time for networking and the opportunity to learn how ICC’s Food Business Fundamentals program can take you from concept to business plan & pitch in just 6-weeks!

Plus, learn more about the Stacy’s Scholarship for Female Culinary Leaders, a full-tuition scholarship to ICC’s Food Business Fundamentals program for women who have plans to open a culinary business!


This blog post was originally published by the International Culinary Center (ICC), founded as The French Culinary Institute (FCI). In 2020, ICE and ICC came together on one strong and dynamic national platform at ICE's campuses in New York City and Los Angeles. Explore your culinary education where the legacy lives on.

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