Become a Sous Vide Master!

ICE Chef Instructors have long explored the world of modernist cuisine and sous vide cooking (Chef James Briscione has shared many of his experiments and adventures here with us on DICED). ICE now offers courses in this innovative cooking technique to students in our career-training programs hoping to learn the basics as well as recreational students hoping to try sous vide at home. ICE sous vide classes seek to break down what can seem to be an intimidating process and make it accessible for anyone. In that spirit, we are excited to bring you an exciting contest to win a SousVide Supreme Prize Package valued at over $578 so you can begin your own modernist experiments to explore the possibilities of sous vide and create gourmet-quality meals with ease, including tender steaks cooked perfectly edge-to-edge, juicy chicken breasts, vibrant fresh vegetables and more. Enter to win this amazing prize brought to you exclusively by ICE and SousVide Supreme! The Prize Package includes: - SousVide Supreme water oven - SousVide Supreme vacuum sealer + 10 cooking pouches - Easy Sous Vide cookbook See the contest rules and ENTER NOW at This is a one of a kind chance to win professional-level equipment that will allow you to explore sous vide and bring the amazing technique into your own home. Contest closes July 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm PDT.  Open to residents of the US only.