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Butter Exploration

Cashew Butter Blondies with Cashew Brittle Makes 18 servings For the Cashew Butter Blondies: 3 cup all purpose flour 4 teaspoon. baking powder ½ teaspoon. sea salt 3 cup cashew brittle 1 ½ cup...

gluten free banana bread and chickpea canapes

Flour Exploration

Gluten-Free Banana Flour Angel Food Cake Makes 1 cake 1 10” angel food can pan with removable bottom 15 egg whites – room temperature (note: it’s essential that they are at room temperature!) 1 pinch...

olive oil and olives

Oil Exploration

Smoked Olive Oil Carbonara Servings: Makes about 4 servings 1 recipe, pasta all uovo (recipe below) 5 ounces smoked olive oil 8 ounces thinly sliced guanciale, chopped (If unavailable, bacon or...