Chef Jürgen’s Homemade Halloween Candy Bars

Full stop: candy is delicious, and whether it be bite- or king-sized, Halloween gives us an excuse to load up on all your favorite store-bought treats. But believe it or not, making a rendition of

chef penny's custom chocolate mold

How to Make a Mold

If a bride wants the lace from her veil to be replicated on her wedding cake, or I find a gorgeous trinket at an antique market that would be a perfect adornment for a cake, I have to find ways of

Andrew Reinicke plating desserts

A Veteran Opens His Mind to Vegan Cooking and Baking

The oldest of nine children, Andrew has always associated food with bonding. He remembers that his paternal grandmother, who grew up on a dairy farm in South Dakota and moved to Southern California to

Chef Penny's pro birthday cake

The Ultimate Birthday Cake Techniques

Chef Penny has more than 15 years of professional pastry experience. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education and working at Spice Market, she opened custom cake bakery Sugar Couture

Claudia Fleming

Claudia Fleming's Road Back to Union Square Hospitality Group

Claudia Fleming’s winding food road, from over-the-top pastries in the '80s and '90s to writing her second cookbook in a Long Island cottage, has landed her back where it all began with Union Square

Chef Jürgen David in the ICE garden

A Pastry Chef's Guide to Working with Flowers

Take a look around you right now. There are flowers everywhere: on phone cases, t-shirts, notebooks, water bottles, pencils. Maybe you have some on your desk or in your window. How about your food

Chef Sohrob Esmaili in the kitchen

Meet Chef Sohrob Esmaili

California-native Sohrob Esmaili had a penchant for cuisine from a young age. “I was really into baking and cooking as a teen, and I would bring things I prepared at home to school,” Chef Sohrob says

flour freshly milled

How is Flour Made?

Firstly, let's identify what flour is. It’s amazing to me how many people have no idea where flour comes from or how it’s made. Types of Wheat There are six classes of wheat — within which are around

Chef Michael Laiskonis uses equipment in the bean-to-bar chocolate lab

Chocolate Classes Return to ICE's Bean-to-Bar Lab

The Chocolate Lab’s origin story dates back nearly nine years when ICE began to outgrow its New York campus on West 23rd Street. The initial seed of an idea — perhaps carving out a small corner of a

Coffee and cacao beans

Cacao vs Coffee

Long before I developed a passion for working with chocolate, I began fostering a love for coffee. I don’t exactly recall the occasion of my first pre-teen taste of coffee, but it subconsciously

three types of flour

Four More Flour Alternatives

Gluten-free flours and nut flours for cooking and baking have been on the rise because of versatility, health benefits and viable options for people with celiac disease or other dietary restrictions

bakers box inside

ICE Pastry Students and Alumni Collaborate to Elevate the AAPI Community

In mid-March, Arnold Byun, founder of With Warm Welcome (WWW), approached me with the idea of doing a Bakers Box after being inspired by the efforts of Bakers Against Racism last year. As an avid

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