ICE Chef Instructor Michelle Tampakis Nominated as Top 10 Pastry Chef of 2010

ICE Chef Instructor Michelle Tampakis has been nominated as one of the Top 10 Pastry Chefs of 2010 by Pastry Art and Design, a division of Dessert Professional Magazine. Chef Michelle has been an

Best and Easiest Chocolate Desserts

This chocoholic-crew was led by Chef Nick Malgieri, author of eight cookbooks (most recently The Modern Baker). Chef Malgieri was the former executive pasty chef at Windows on the World and is

ICE's Center for Advanced Pastry Studies

Past and present course instructors include Chef Philippe Muze, formerly a Chef Instructor at Ecole Bellouet in Paris, and world champion airbrush artist Chef Stéphane Tréand. For a full listing of

Where in the World is ICE: Switzerland - Part II

The class began with a brief a history of Felchlin and we viewed an introductory video of the Felchlin Chocolate production process. In the kitchen, we saw a detailed demonstration from Chef Stephan

Bread Baking with Chef Peter Reinhart

This concept is the basis for Chef Peter Reinhart’s career as a leading expert on bread baking, and one that he imparted on the class that gathered for his “New Frontiers in Bread Baking” demo this

ICE Students Compete in Martha Stewart Pie Show

The students joined fellow audience members of the show in presenting their pies to a panel of judges for tasting, with the winner’s pie being featured in an upcoming segment of The Martha Stewart

Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Volunteers will pack ICE's kitchens to bake an estimated 30,000 cookies that will be sold at bake sales nation-wide. All of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Recipes from Olives & Oranges with Chef Sara Jenkins

The class featured recipes from Olives & Oranges, the new cookbook by Chef Sara Jenkins of Porchetta restaurant in New York City’s East Village. Chef Jenkins, who grew up in countries bordering the

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