4th of July Favorites

In anticipation of the 4th of July, ICE Pastry Instructor Michelle Tampakis shares a few of her favorite patriotic dishes for entertaining.


Red beans and small mozzarella balls dressed as a salad with oil and vinegar surrounded by blue corn chips makes for a fun (and easy!) red, white and blue dish. Great healthy options include vegetables, sliced thickly, brushed with olive oil and grilled alongside a burger. Besides the usual zucchini can be fennel, Vidalia onions, asparagus or portobello mushrooms. 

And if you have the grill going, throw some fruit on as well! A perfect last-minute dish is always pasta for me, either cold and mixed with canned white beans, sliced arugula, and tomatoes (and garlic or course) or hot with browned butter, Parmesan cheese and a splash of sherry. For dessert, you can easily dress up a cheesecake to be patriotic with a few mixed berries. And last but not least, don’t forget the wine!

For more fun 4th of July recipes, check out this Pinterest board from The TODAY Show.

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