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C-CAP Scholarship

1) Name of the Scholarship Program
Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) Scholarship

2) Number of Scholarships
2 Scholarships are awarded each year:
• One scholarship for the Hospitality Management Diploma Program
• One scholarship for one of the below programs:
o Culinary Arts Diploma Program
o Pastry & Baking Arts Diploma Program

3) Amount of Scholarships
2 scholarships are awarded each year of the below value:
• Hospitality Management Program: $15,000
• One scholarship for one of the below programs:
o Culinary Arts Diploma Program: $37,000
o Pastry & Baking Arts Diploma Program: $35,500

4) Period of Time Covered by the Scholarship
The Scholarships must be redeemed (i.e. student must begin the program of study) within two (2) years of the C-Cap Award Ceremony and then are good for the length of the program:
• Hospitality Management Diploma Program: 638 hours
• Culinary Arts Diploma Program: 650 hours
• Pastry & Baking Arts Diploma Program: 610 hours

If the student does not apply within the specified time, the student forfeits the scholarship. The period of time a student waits to enroll (up to two years) does not affect future planned scholarship awards.

5) Eligibility
Applicants must:
1. Be matriculated high school students but no older than 21;
2. Satisfy the entrance requirements for the Institute of Culinary Education;
i. Applicants must be a high school graduate or have a GED.
ii. Those with international documentation must have an official certified translation indicating that the student completed the equivalent of at least a secondary school in the U.S.A.
3. Plan to enroll, but not be currently enrolled, at ICE.
4. Be prepared to work 3-5 months in the industry before attending the school, unless they have meaningful foodservice experience;
5. Be planning a career in foodservice, or demonstrate the interest, initiative, and work ethic that would suggest their ability to succeed in this field.

6) Application Criteria
To be eligible for this scholarship students must apply and be selected to compete in the C-Cap Cooking Competition for Scholarships. The Competition is a three-tier cooking competition where high school students compete for post-secondary culinary and hospitality school scholarships. Students must be selected to participate in each of the following:
• C-Cap Application
• C-Cap Preliminary Competition
• C-Cap Final Competition
• C-Cap Interview

Competition applications are submitted through a student’s culinary teacher or local C-Cap Coordinator ( and are accepted typically from September through December annually. Applicants must meet ALL of the requirements listed below in order be eligible for the C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships:
• Applicant must currently attend a C-CAP partner public high school or after school program
• Applicant must be a Junior or Senior in high school, or must be enrolled in a GED program, or must have passed the GED test
• Applicant must be 21 years old or younger
• Senior applicants must have taken or be enrolled in one (1) culinary course at the C-CAP approved high school or after school program (two (2) courses is preferred)
• Junior applicants must currently be enrolled in a culinary course
• All GED applicants must have their GED scores on or before the date of the final competition

Applicants must complete the C-CAP Competition application process, including:
1. Completed C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships Application Form;
2. School research sheets (4), indicating ICE as one of the choices
3. Two (2) letters of reference;
4. Submission of FAFSA at;
5. Copy of most recent academic transcript;
6. Written essay- minimum of 250 words describing student’s career goals. Handwritten and typed copies of the essay are required.

7) Academic Criteria
There is no GPA requirement for the scholarship.

8) Award Criteria
Applicants must:
1. Have been a participant in a C-CAP partner high school or after-school program;
2. Be recommended by Culinary teacher in the C-CAP;
3. Complete the C-CAP application;
4. Participate in the C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships.

C-Cap selects all Competition participants, finalists and scholarship winners. Scholarship winners and scholarship matches are determined based on the following criteria:
• C-Cap Cooking Competition for Scholarships Application
• Performance in competition
• Soft skills (includes attitude, integrity, attendance, ability to meet deadlines, follows instructions, and interview skills)
• Scholarship eligibility requirements (see #5)
• Need, as determined by the FAFSA Student Aid Report
• Applicant’s preferences

C-CAP Scholarship recipients are announced by C-CAP and awarded at local C-Cap Cooking Competition for Scholarships Awards Ceremonies, typically in April of each year.

9) Source of Scholarship Funds
Institute of Culinary Education

10) Manner in which Scholarships are Paid
The Scholarship will be in the form of a tuition credit that will be applied to the student’s balance due upon enrollment in the Hospitality Management, Pastry and Baking Arts, or Culinary Arts Diploma Programs. The scholarship has no cash value and may not be exchanged or transferred. The student’s own funds or financial aid must cover the remaining balance of the tuition. Should the student elect to enroll in a program with balance due that is lower than the awarded amount, the student forfeits the cost difference (no payment will be made to the student).

11) Provisions for Awarding Scholarships to Alternate candidates
C-CAP works directly with ICE (typically with the President/CEO, Rick Smilow, and the Manager of Admissions Support Services, Abbey Chieffalo) to confirm eligibility before they notify a student of an award. If a student selected doesn’t fulfill eligibility criteria, C-CAP will review the applicant pool and recommend a qualified alternate who will then need confirmation of eligibility through ICE. If no candidate is eligible, no scholarship is awarded in that year.

12) Standards for Continued Scholarship Eligibility
The Standards for continued scholarship eligibility are enrollment in the program awarded, and completion of the program. The awards granted through C-CAP are tuition waivers that are applied within the school.

13) Names and Affiliation of all Award Committee Members
• Richard Grausman, Founder and President, C-CAP
• Meghan Seradsky, College Advisor, C-CAP
• Caryne Hayes, Career Advisor, C-CAP
• Christine Lee, Culinary Coordinator, CCAP