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Fred Cesarano

Fred Cesarano Career Culinary School AdmissionsSenior Associate Director of Admissions

Fred Cesarano is Senior Associate Director of Admissions. He has been working at ICE for over 14 years. He has been part of admissions teams for various schools for much longer than that, but he originally trained to be an aircraft technician and worked as a sample cutter for a menswear company. His experience in fashion led him to the admissions team for a private fashion design school in New York City. He is glad that is career brought him to the culinary world where he can explore his culinary voice. He says, “With my Italian background, I would say family is a big part of my culinary voice. Food tastes so much better when its prepared and enjoyed as a family.” When working with students he helps them get started exploring their culinary voice by talking about how food is our great common ground that brings us together — “I help them realize that food will help build bridges here at home and across the rest of the world.”

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