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Recent Graduates

Information and resources for recent graduates of the Institute of Culinary EducationMake ICE Your Grad School

Recent graduates represent a growing percentage of the ICE student body. Why? Times are changing. You see people going to college for knowledge and coming here for a career. You want one too. You’re following an instinct telling you this is what you always wanted to do. And after an investment in your education, you want doors open to a new career. ICE is the perfect place to start.

We believe that in comparison to most culinary schools in America, ICE is more sophisticated, and moves at a faster pace. One of the reasons this works is because so many of our students are already college graduates. If this describes you, we know for sure you’ll feel at home in our kitchens!

ICE Means Instant Respect

ICE is an award-winning institiution. Within ICE, our chef-instructors, hospitality and management instructors, alumni, and students are award-winning, having continually earned recognition and praise in their respective fields.

At ICE, you will discover and follow your own culinary voice, no matter where your career path may lead, be it chef or baker, journalist, or hospitality manager. Here, you are exposed to a diverse and vibrant world of food through contact with prominent industry professionals and opportunities to work in leading establishments in New York, Los Angeles and beyond.

A Diploma Is All You Need

On a national basis, so many other culinary schools base their programs around associate degrees. The issue is that an associate degree will take you more time to complete and cost you more than a diploma. And here is the reality: culinary employers do not care whether your culinary school training is at the diploma or associate level. What is important is that they know and respect the school.

In under a year you’ll have a firm foundation in the culinary area of your choice, with a chance to explore your own interests and individual passion through an externship that puts you in the market, where you want to be. You will gain the skills and confidence you need to begin a successful career. Once you’ve graduated, you'll have access to ongoing job placement assistance, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Walk through our door. What you feel is your own excitement to get started on your journey.

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Considering graduate school? Consider adding a culinary education to your career. - The Institute of Culinary Education