ICE alumna Simone Tong in the window of her East Village restaurant kitchen

ICE Alumni Profiles

Many ICE alumni found their culinary voice in school and used it to launch stellar careers. With alumni ranging from award-winning chefs to food media pros, and test kitchen directors to entrepreneurs, many of our alumni rank among the most noteworthy names in the food and beverage industry.

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One of the best parts for ICE alumni is coming back to campus. We invite graduates who are actively working in the culinary and hospitality industries to campus for guest lectures, demonstrations and professional development classes throughout the year. Follow our ICE alumni success stories inside and outside of the kitchen on the school's blog, DICED.

Pastry Chef Zac Young is an ICE Alum

Zac Young

Partner/Executive Pastry Chef, David Burke Kitchen
Owner/Pastry Director, Craveable Hospitality Group
David Burke Kitchen
New York, NY
Craveable Hospitality Group
New York, NY
Priscila Brunsfeld is an ICE alumni.

Priscila Brunsfeld

Pastry Chef, Sweet Silver Spoon
Steven Donofrio is an ICE pastry arts graduate

Steven D'Onofrio

Managing Director, Swiss Chalet Fine Foods
Stephen Durfee is an ICE alumni

Stephen Durfee

Chef Instructor, Institute of Culinary Education
Wendy Kromer-Schell is an ICE alumni

Wendy Kromer-Schell

Owner, Wendy Kromer Confections
ICE alumni Pastry Chef Sarah Magoon

Sarah Magoon

Executive Pastry Chef, W Fort Lauderdale
Clarisa Martino is a Pastry Chef who graduated from ICE

Clarisa Martino

Executive Pastry Chef, Gato & Mesa Grill
Penny Stankiewicz is an ICE alumna

Penny Stankiewicz

Chef-Instructor, Pastry & Baking Arts and The Art of Cake Decorating
Claudia Fleming is an ICE Alumni

Claudia Fleming

Pastry Chef, North Fork Inn & Table
ICE Ingredients