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Art & Techniques of Professional Bread Baking - 9/23

September 23, 2014 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Institute of Culinary Education

Techniques and Art of Professional Bread Baking at ICE - Chef Sim is the founder and instructor for ICE's professional bread course

ICE’s Techniques and Art of Professional Bread Baking program takes core concepts of our award-winning Pastry & Baking Arts curriculum to an elevated level, exploring bread baking for those who wish to focus their careers around this vital and flourishing component of the food world. This comprehensive, 200-hour program was developed and is led by ICE’s own Chef Sim Cass. The program starts with the basics, covering a wide range of theory and practical bread baking skills, from basic hand preparations to more complex dough using preferments, sours, and natural ferments. You will master the techniques of shaping including rolls, baguettes, boules, battards, fougasse, pizza, ciabatta, and many more. In line with ICE’s global approach, you will also explore in depth European style breads, breakfast Viennoiserie, and create a bread showpiece. Preparing you for the professional kitchen or bakery, the program will lead you through the use of bread ovens and oven management and even take you on a tour of local bread bakeries. Finally, students will explore alternative flours.

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Techniques and Art of Professional Bread Baking at ICE  - Chef Sim instructs students in class