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IBM Partners with ICE to Cook Up Computational Creativity

By: Building a Smarter Planet
December 12, 2013

IBM's blog, Building a Smarter Planet, features the collaboration between IBM researchers and ICE chefs who have teamed up to test the limits of cognitive computing in the kitchen.

"We chose food because we needed a domain to explore this idea of computational creativity, and because food is visceral. Everyone eats,” said Lav Varshney, the project’s lead scientist with a background in information theory, neuroscience, and signal processing."

"The system uses text mining, analytics, and statistical reasoning similar to that of the Watson system. Where the virtual chef differs with its cognitive cousin is not only in its understanding of food chemistry, but its ability to generate results not found in any data source. With existing recipes as a starting point, the team began weaving in algorithms that could one, select ingredients, and two, generate entirely unique recipes for we humans to then creatively cook."

Click here for more information on the IBM and ICE collaboration on cognitive cooking.

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