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Knife Skills

Wüsthof knows good knives. ICE knows good knife skills. For 30 years, we've partnered together to ensure ICE students have the highest quality tools in hand, to best prepare them in their craft. Now, we put over 200 years of craftsmanship and 4 decades of culinary technique together to bring you the best of what we both do. From slicing and dicing to chiffonade, cake leveling, filleting fish, or slicing the perfect steak, the beauty of expert craftsmanship and skilled chefs shines through — and the result is nothing less than culinary art. 

How to Slice, Chop, and Chiffonade Different Herbs

Watch as ICE Chef James Briscione teaches you how to chop, slice and chiffonade herbs the same way he and our expert instructors at ICE teach our culinary students. For more tips on handling fresh herbs, click here.

How to Level and Split a Cake into Layers

Learn to level a cake for perfect layers, the way ICE pastry students learn in our kitchen classrooms — ICE Chef Sabrina Sexton shows the proper technique, using a cake turner.

How to Slice, Dice and Julienne

Watch Chef James Briscione demonstrate how to slice onions, julienne carrots and create perfectly diced potatoes the way we instruct our culinary arts students at ICE.

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