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Michael Handal

Michael Handal is a Chef Instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education.Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor

Michael Handal graduated from Fordham University and the Culinary Institute of America. He has worked at The Knickerbocker Field Club, La Côte Basque, and The Helmsley Palace Hotel. He was inspired to cook by watching episodes of The French Chef and is ICE’s resident expert on charcuterie. He says his classical training informs his culinary voice, “My training and experience has been grounded in classical French cuisine, from pastry to butchering, from purchasing and receiving, from garde manger to running a kitchen brigade, everything I have done in my career has pointed me towards teaching others how to cook professionally. I never read or experience an idea or technique related to food or teaching without thinking about its application to ICE's curriculum and our students or how our instructors can successfully use it in their kitchens with their students.”

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