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Michael Garrett

ICE Culinary Arts Michael GarrettCulinary Arts Chef-Instructor

A ’97 graduate of Baltimore International Culinary School, Michael Garrett is at home teaching aspiring chefs at ICE. After years working at such iconic New York restaurants as Pino Luongo’s Coco Pazzo and Marcus Samuelsson’s Aquavit, chef Garrett decided it was time to pass along his knowledge of the restaurant world and mold the next generation of chefs. Garrett himself never planned to be a chef—he hoped to become a firefighter like his grandfather, but instead wound up washing dishes at 17 years of age, a position he says turned into the “longest summer job of my life.” After culinary school, he found himself in New York City and eventually spent 10 years working for Marcus Samuelsson, wearing the toque of Executive Chef of Red Rooster before his departure. He’s excited to have the ability to broaden the minds of ICE’s culinary students and nurture them from ground zero to graduation. He hopes to inspire everyone at ICE to live their dream, using their passion and the skills they hone at ICE. When he’s not teaching, Garrett enjoys travel, music, and visiting the markets of his home borough Queens, where he seeks out flavors from around the globe.