Find your cullinary voice

Omri Green

Culinary Mgmt, 2003Director of Special Projects, Union Square Events. New York City, NY
Culinary Arts and Culinary Management, 2003

As Director of Special Projects for Union Square Events (USE), Omri develops and directs USE’s consulting relationships, assists with the design and development for new business ventures and helps plan for the long term growth of USE’s core businesses through strategic partnerships and new business opportunities. In his previous capacity as Operations Manager, Omri was responsible for event operations logistics, the beverage program, USE facility management, and large scale special event projects. Omri began his career with the Union Square Hospitality Group in 2003, where he helped launch Blue Smoke Catering. Prior to ICE, Omri worked in the film industry. He jump-started this career with double ICE diplomas in culinary arts and culinary management. Omri says, “ICE helped me find my culinary voice by teaching me the fundamental skills needed to execute properly. ICE taught me how to properly and efficiently get from ingredient selection and prep, to cooking and plating. In addition, the management program gave me a real understanding of the business of food, and how to apply what I learned in the kitchen to effectively manage costs and the bottom line. In my current role, I rely heavily on my culinary knowledge as well as my culinary business knowledge to make informed decisions that impact our business.”

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