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Professional Cheese Studies at ICE

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Over the past 20 years, the American public’s appetite for cheese has evolved to an unprecedented level of connoisseurship. Cheese programs have emerged at many fine dining establishments, regional specialties such as cheese curds, pimento cheese and specialty cheddars have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, and the state of artisanal cheesemaking has begun to rival the traditions long cultivated by our European counterparts. 

That said, our hunger for new and emerging styles of cheese has not always been partnered with a widespread education on the history, methods and nutritional science underlying the process of cheesemaking. This is why we’re thrilled to introduce a new, immersive six-session “Mastering Cheese” course with Maître Fromager Max McCalman to our menu of professional development opportunities.

With a diverse academic background in foreign languages, organic chemistry and European history, Max is uniquely qualified to approach the subject of cheese from a wide range of perspectives. Throughout his early career in the restaurant industry, the self-taught connoisseur read and researched voraciously, until a unique opportunity at the Upper West Side's Picholine restaurant placed him at the head of one of the city’s most innovative cheese programs. 

Since then, Max’s career has thrived as a scholar, consultant, author and educator. With four books under his belt, an ongoing column in Cheese Connoisseur and a forthcoming cheese and wine pairing app, Max is among our generation’s most influential voices in the field. He earned a James Beard Award in 2002 and received a 2011 award for the “World's Best Book on Cheese” at the annual Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris. 

In turn, Max has established a path for the recognition and certification of his fellow cheese connoisseurs. In 2012, he was instrumental in ushering in the long-desired American Cheese Society (ACS) Certified Cheese Professional exam. Since then, more than 400 professionals have established their expertise and transformed that skill into an incredible range of entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Drawing from the ACS’s “Body of Knowledge,” Max’s new, six-session Mastering Cheese course at ICE is the ultimate immersion into the world of cheese, offering instruction in its making, classification, merchandising, nutrition and tasting. For the ambitious enthusiast, current food professional or aspiring career changer, it is an incredible opportunity to train your palate and explore the traditions, myths and allure of one of the world’s most beloved foodstuffs. 

Course Details

Start Dates: TBD
Tuition: $575
Schedule: TBD
Duration: 12 hours over six weeks

Click here to register for Mastering Cheese and to see Max’s full roster of multi- and single-session cheese courses at ICE.