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ICE + Direct Eats

We've partnered with Direct Eats to bring you great recipe ideas using organic, natural and specialty foods from their online marketplace. Direct Eats' mission is to provide consumers with the most convenient and economical means of shopping for natural and organic foods. Their website gives customers access to 20,000 better-for-you products, including unique items from small-batch food purveyors - the kind of products that you’d normally only be able to find at local specialty markets or farm stands. All products on Direct Eats are shoppable by 17 different diet needs and taste preferences, including various allergens, gluten free, kosher, paleo and more. Check out our culinary explorations of their specialty ingredients below:

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Tea Powder Exploration

ICE Chef Jenny McCoy shows you three dishes you can make using instant tea powders. First, Chef Jenny demonstrates how to make Tropical Tea Ice Cream Sandwiches with Pineapple and Macadamia Nut Cookies, then, with her Chai White Hot Chocolate with Chai Marshmallows, she takes hot chocolate to a whole new level by adding a few teaspoons of chai to the mix. Finally, Chef Jenny shares the secret to making Green Tea Cake with Raspberries using green tea powder, adding a sweet and aromatic quality to the dish. Click here to get the full recipes.

Oil Exploration

ICE Chef Robert Ramsey demonstrates unique recipes using lesser-known flavorful, heart healthy cooking oils, starting with a Smoked Olive Oil Carbonara recipe with thinly sliced guanciale and topped with freshly grated pecorino cheese. Then, Chef Robert shows us how to infuse walnut flavor into his Roasted Beet Salad using walnut oil and walnut oil powder. And finally, it's time for dessert: Chef Robert highlights the exotic flavor of tigernut oil in his Tigernut Oil Ice Cream with Roasted Apples and Oat Crumble. Click here to get the full recipes.


Butter Exploration

ICE Chef James Distefano demonstrates decadent dessert recipes using altnerative butters, healthy alternatives to traditional butter-reliant desserts. Chef James starts by sharing step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect crepes for his Maple Butter Crepe Cake. Then, he teaches us a twist on the classic blondie using cashew butter as the star ingredient and sunflower seed butter becomes a great allergy-friendly alternative to peanut butter in his Sunflower Seed Finaciers. Click here to get the full recipes.

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